What’s the Point?

This video was created in order to engage the students before an instruction session. The goal was to have a video that is relatable (working the night before on a paper), humorous, and yet informative (using electronic resources).

Students often come into an instruction session sluggish, uninterested, and lacking motivation. After they find their seats and the instructor enthusiastically introduces themselves, this video can be played to engage their attention before the actual instruction session begins. By playing the video at the beginning, they catch a glimpse as to why and how paying attention for the next hour could save them time and their grade later.

Make sure your sound is turned up!

Disclaimer: The video is meant to engage the students, NOT teach them all that you can do in the discovery layer nor cover all the electronic resources available to them. It is a promotional video on electronic resources in general, not a tutorial. Screen capture demos are much better at showing how to use databases and a discovery layer.

Thank you to Franklin College for letting me use their website, Discovery Layer, and name in this video example!