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The original idea for this stop-action actually came from Google’s SuperBowl commercial (shown below). Google didn’t show off their ever-changing and ridiculously complicated algorithms nor show you how to use the advanced settings, they showed off how Google changes the average person’s life. They went for emotion, not tech specs, as the average user could care less about how Google functions and more about what Google can do for them.

To put it simply, they made an insanely robust search engine, relatable to all. Google is one of the Academic Libraries’ main competitor and they have some seriously awesome marketing. So I asked myself, what if students felt like the Libraries’ electronic resources could help them in life as much as they feel Google does?

What if instead of pushing every single feature of our discovery layers and databases from the start, we make the product relateable first and teach more in-depth second? Engage them, and they will want to know more.

Stop-action videos to INSPIRE you:


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